Lake Placid, NY

Just got back from Lake Placid, New York. I had the pleasure of being a Product Specialist for Chevrolet. Check out the 2012 Camaro on the snow. They start at just over $23,000 and it’s little V-6 puts out 326hp and gets 29mpg on the highway. If that’s not enough power for you, to celebrate its 100th anniversary Chevy has brought back the ZL1 option. For those of you not in the know – the ZL1 is a legendary option from 1969 that added an aluminium block & heads to the already mighty 427 engine. The 2012 Camaro ZL1 sports a 580hp supercharged V8. Yes – 580hp from the factory. It’ll do 180mph and all for under $55,000!!! It’s the best bang for the buck on the planet. See the USA in a Chevrolet.